Trakjain Jain Community

Right faith, right knowledge and right conduct, constitute the path to liberation and they are called three gems in Jainism, as the Buddha (the Enlightened), Dharma (the Doctrine) and Sangha (the order) are recognized in Buddhism as three gems (ratnatraya). Jainism is nothing but the way of living.

Trakjain is a website created with the sole reason to teach people about jainism. Our generation is loosing interests in books as a reason of the growing techology and influence of the western culture to some extent. People choose to sit in front of the computer rather than read a book and that too reading one on jainism would not be of much interest. But when they are offered interactive material online to teach them the same, it gets interesting.

Trakjain has been designed and developed based on inspiration from Kundanrushiji M. Sa. It is the very first site that offers online examination. It provides information online about jainism, right from the very basics. It has made the learning experience simpler, interesting and yet informative at the same time. The knowledge based text helps one to know everything about jainism.

There are 9 levels of examinations and a number of chapters in each level with both plain textual representation as well as interactive games. Once a person has read through all the chapters in a certain level he/ she can give an online examination of the same. This is the same for all the levels.

The sole purpose for creating this website is to teach people the importance of jainism. There are a lot of books and study material on jainism readily avialable but, very few people have the time and interest to read them. is a website directed to help such people gain some valuable knowledge of jainism.