Hey all, what about learning 'Jainism'? Oh! Jainism you think is very tough and boring right?
But no worries at all, these E-learning pages will surely teach you all about jainism and that too with lots of fun making your learning experience much Simpler, Easier and Quicker.

Jainism is not only about 'Tattvas' and 'Strotras' it is beyond that. It is about all the small things in your daily life that will help you learn the right way of living life. These pages are an effort to get you closer to our own and most powerful religion that is 'Jainism'. The website has been designed and developed based on inspiration from Kundanrushiji M. Sa.

E-Learning has been divided into 9 Examinations and each Examination has some chapters. In each of these chapters we have provided study material, revision and finally the exams. These chapters include questions and answers, which makes it easier for the reader to understand. All this has been made interactive for the readers to enjoy while learning.

Now you must be thinking do we have so much of time in our busy routines to do this? But think again, why not take advantage of this opportunity and help yourself in building up your own personality and know your culture and roots. Jainism is nothing but to know the basic and important ways of living. Why not give in time and learn our own culture and that too when you don't have to read books. The material is interactive with interactive revisions to make your learning experience more interesting.

Why do you need to learn Jainism? As you know the world is sinking in all evils. So why not secure ourselves for a better future. Surely this will teach you a lot and help you realize the true sense of living. All of us are so busy these days, our lives have become so fast-running that we hardly realize the way we are living. Jainism gives us a better understanding of living and teaches you to live your life in the right ways.

We have had such a powerful religion which most of us do not know about much. Don't you think this is your responsibility towards your religion? Towards Humanity?

So come lets spread a message - A Message of Jainism: Indeed. A Message of Humanity

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